About Elster

Elster Electricity, LLC (formerly ABB Electricity Metering) is a world-class provider of advanced electricity metering products, communication solutions and metering automation systems. Elster is part of the world’s largest multi-utility metering company combining the leaders in electricity, water and gas metering. In December 2002, Ruhrgas Industries of Germany acquired ABB’s worldwide metering businesses. Elster Electricity joins sister companies Elster Metering, American Meter Company and AMCO Water Metering Systems.

In the United States, Canada, and Latin American, Elster Electricity’s electronic meter line includes the REX® meter, A3 ALPHA® meter, and ALPHA Plus® meter. Elster Electricity offers a full line of single and polyphase electromechanical meters. The Type AB electromechanical meter delivers high reliability and accuracy, and may be configured to support automated meter reading systems.

Elster HQ

In IEC standards markets, Elster sells the A1200 ALPHA meter, AIN ALPHA meter electronic meters. Elster serves customers through a global sales force. Contact us today for more information on Elster’s multi-utility offerings.

Discover Elster’s new residential metering system that extends beyond typical automated meter reading solutions. Elster’s EnergyAxis® System helps utilities and retail energy providers by providing a system with smart electronic meters and fully automated, intelligent two-way communications, making on-request meter reads and server-initiated commands a reality.

Elster Electricity is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information about Elster Electricity download our company profile and keys to quality documents.