Accreditation by Measurement Canada


Measurement Canada, whose mission is to ensure equity and accuracy where goods and services are bought and sold on the basis of measurement, has granted accreditation to Elster Electricity. As an authorised service provider, Elster Electricity will now be able to inspect and seal electricity meters at its North Carolina manufacturing facility, thus better serving the company’s Canadian customers by offering the option of factory-sealed meters.

Every measuring instrument used as the basis for a financial transaction must be evaluated by Measurement Canada and approved for use in Canada. The purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that the measuring instrument is capable of measuring accurately throughout its service lifetime.

The scope of the accreditation enables Elster to perform factory verification to the Measurement Canada standards for most single phase and polyphase electronic meters, including time-of-use, reactive and demand meters. As an authorised service provider, Elster will be audited annually by Measurement Canada to ensure that the requirements of the programme are being met.