Acquisition represents a perfect fit


Terasen Inc., a Canadian-based company offering energy products and services, has acquired IMServ North America Field Services, an organisation that provides field metering services – including AMR installation, meter changes and meter reading – to electricity, water and gas utilities. IMServe Field Services currently reads some 3 million meters a month. It will now become part of Terasen Utility Services and will operate under that name.

The company has recently signed a contract with Idaho Power for field installation of DCSI’s TWACS® system. Terasen Utility Services will install 22,500 TWACS-retrofitted Schlumberger Centron® electricity meters for the first phase of the installation of an AMR system. It will also provide handheld units and an electronic work order management system, in addition to all the field installation labour, supervision and management, as well as office space, uniforms, company-identified vehicles and productivity and quality monitoring systems.