Acquisition shows the need for new customer service software


Atmos Energy, the largest natural gas distributor in the US, acquired an extra 1.5 million accounts when it bought TXU Gas Company in 2004, giving the utility a total customer base of 3.2 million accounts across 12 states. Atmos chose to implement Indus International Inc.’s SDM (service delivery management) solution to incorporate this large number of new accounts into its customer management processes.

The implementation took less than a year, at a cost of about $15 per customer. (The industry average is between $40 and $60). Indus’ SDM solution for customer service and billing gives Atmos a comprehensive view of all customer information and the ability to better automate customer service functions throughout the company. It is web-based and gives customer service representatives the features and functionality to assess the issues for each customer, while offering customers an online resource for functions such as bill payment, reviewing of accounts and requests for service. /