Acquisition strengthens solutions for demand management


Keith Schaefer,
BPL Global
Pittsburgh and Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A. — (METRING.COM) — January 28, 2008 – BPL Global™ Ltd., a smart grid software and technology company, has entered into an agreement to acquire Connected Energy Corporation, further strengthening BPL Global’s position as a provider of demand management solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential markets.

During the past ten years, Connected Energy has developed a state-of-the-art demand management solution comprised of COMSYS™ web-based software and CENTRY™ connection hardware. COMSYS software technology provides low-cost, secure, scalable and functional web-based energy management and control solutions. Patent-pending CENTRY connection hardware is the critical last-mile link that provides communication, monitoring and control capability with distributed generation and demand assets. The solution is designed for robust, out-of-the-box compatibility and connectivity without the need for customization of managed systems, software or devices.

Connected Energy’s demand management solutions create a virtual, real-time control center for distributed energy resources. More than 450 megawatts of demand and generation assets are being monitored, managed and controlled by customers. Customers operate a Connected Energy solution for a comprehensive range of assets including wind farms, solar arrays, industrial equipment, co-generation systems, building energy management systems and numerous distributed control systems.

Managing peak demand to close the gap between energy supply and demand is a global challenge facing the electric utility industry. Through this acquisition, BPL Global will market the Connected Energy demand management solution through BPL Global’s network in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, in addition to North America.

"By acquiring Connected Energy, BPL Global is providing electric utilities and independent demand and generation asset operators with a complete demand management solution. This establishes BPL Global as a premier global leader in demand management," said Keith Schaefer, CEO of BPL Global. "What impressed us about Connected Energy was that its proven product is used by leading utilities and laboratories, including Duke Energy, Southern California Edison and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory."