Actaris metering services expands its presence in America

Actaris metering services expands its presence in America

Actaris introduced a new water meter, the six-inch Flostar, at the AWWA Annual Conference and Exhibition in June of this year at San Antonio. This launch supports the company strategy to build a significant presence in the North American market through the development of single jet water meter technology specifically designed to surpass the AWWA standard requirements.

Since the introduction of the Preciflo residential Class C single jet meter in the early 1980s, Actaris has consistently led the industry in new and exciting developments in single jet technology. Actaris introduced the first direct magnetically coupled single jet meters for large domestic applications in 1990 with the launch of the Flostar M line. In 1997, the company introduced the first, and currently only, meters of this type for residential applications. Actaris again led the industry in 2000 with the implementation across the entire product line of a hermetically sealed copper can register with mineral glass lens, and is today the only manufacturer in the world to offer the benefits of this best-in-class register technology for residential single jet meters.


Following the American Water Works Association’s adoption in 2002 of the new C712-02 Standard for Cold Water Meters – Single Jet Type, Actaris introduced Flostar in June of 2004, giving its world-class technology a truly American personality.

Manufactured in Greenwood, South Carolina, Flostar is the only single jet meter designed specifically for the unique technical requirements and demanding conditions of the North American water meter market. Designed for robustness in the harshest environments, the Flostar is constructed of only the most durable materials: high quality fibreglass reinforced polypropylene, high grade 316 stainless steel, and lead-free water works bronze. All Actaris Flostar meters are NSF-61 certified to the latest safe drinking water standards.

Actaris designed Flostar for ease of use, installation and service. The entire line is available in market standard lay lengths for easy retrofit, with integrally cast ANSI class flanges. The top loading design provides easy access to the measuring chamber. Since field testing of large water meters is an important part of meter maintenance programmes at many US utilities, Actaris has also implemented the first ever integral test ports on Flostar meters.


While robustness and ease of use are key features for any water utility metering department, outstanding metrology is the primary reason more and more utilities are adopting single jet technology. The six-inch Flostar is the first ever fully AWWA C712-02 compliant meter of its size, with capabilities unmatched by any commercially available water meter. With a flow capacity of 1000 gpm (200 m3/h), and a low flow accuracy of 1¼ gpm (270 l/h), Flostar brings a new level of reliability and performance to large water metering applications.

This performance has recently convinced several important American utilities, including Island Water of Florida and the Department of Environmental Protection in New York City, to adopt single jet technology instead of compound meters. These utilities have been impressed by the low cost of maintenance and by the benefits of the extended measuring range, allowing the same meter to measure routine usage as well as high flow usages such as fire services.

Actaris is committed to continued leadership in single jet metering in the North American market. In a few weeks the company will introduce a complete line of residential size single jets, from ½ inch through 1 inch, designed with the same considerations for the AWWA market as the large Flostar meters. Actaris, with an established world-wide portfolio of AMR products, has recently entered into a partnership to distribute Itron AMR technology, in order to provide a specific solution for the North American market. “AMR is extremely important for all sectors of the utility industry,” said Chuck Strawn, general manager of the Greenwood facility.

“Itron is a great partner and we are excited to be working with the leader of AMR technology. With this partnership, we will have a greater presence in North America. Using Itron’s AMR endpoints on Actaris water meters, the data capabilities of AMR combined with the high accuracy and robustness of the Actaris water meter will move utilities to a new level of efficiency.”