Advanced distribution management system unveiled


Manuel Sanchez,
Chairman & CEO,
Tampa, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 25, 2010 – IT company Telvent has announced the launch of its new Distribution Management System (DMS), claiming it to be the most advanced network operations and planning tool on the market.

Telvent DMS is a critical element of the company’s Smart Operations Suite, which includes powerful, open and integrated systems for mission critical implementation. Specifically, Telvent DMS enables utilities to more quickly identify faults, isolate them and achieve restoration, resulting in cost savings and enhanced revenues. Telvent DMS provides customers with real time data and options regarding energy delivery.

In addition, Telvent DMS enables distribution system demand response as a key approach to the reduction of peak power and the addition of fast responding spinning reserve. Through tightening down volt/VAR control, including flattening the voltage profile along many feeders, some utilities have been able to use distribution system demand response to anticipate peak demand reductions of 5 to 7 percent.

“The distribution network is where a majority of utilities can achieve the greatest initial ROI in grid optimization,” said Manuel Sanchez, Telvent chairman and CEO. “With Telvent DMS, utilities are able to promote new rate options and plans that are best suited for each customer, while also turning their information into real time business intelligence that drives smarter decisions across the entire enterprise.”