US city of Franklin recognised for AMI rollout


According to a statement, the city received this year’s Basic Service award from the Louisiana Municipal Association (LMA) for benefits achieved in deploying advanced metering initiative ’21st Century Water Meters’.

The advanced meters programme included the city partnering with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to replace analogue water meters with digital and two-way communicating meters, related technologies and business models including data analytics and consumer engagement solutions.

In addition to the elimination of estimated billing and reduction in the city’s operational costs, the award recognised the ability of the advanced metering infrastructure to improving customer services through the provision of real-time consumer water usage data which customers are using to improve their water efficiency to keep bills low.

The solutions provider claims the programme is helping the city of Franklin to reduce non-revenue expenses through the detection of leaks. The system has also promoted sustainability by reducing the frequency of truck rolls to read water meters since the technology remotely sends to the utility consumer water usage data.

Consumers are now able to pay their water bills and receive updates regarding services in their area through an online customer portal.

Raymond Harris, the mayor of the city of Franklin, commented: “The City is honored to have received this award from the LMA.

“We are confident that our city staff and customers are truly going to benefit from this program. UMS’ knowledge, guidance, and expertise in deploying complex programs proved to be invaluable.”

Rollout of advanced metering

Cities in the US continue to adopt advanced infrastructure to optimise the operations of water distribution systems. In early August, in the US state of California, the city of Lakewood announced that it will deploy a smart water solution to improve customer service.

In a statement, the provider of the smart water solution said it is providing the city of Lakewood with the company’s complete suite of smart water software and managed services to reduce non-revenue water through improved management of the city’s existing water infrastructure and the introduction of new services. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.