Advanced metering solution for electricity and water for Glendale Water and Power


Glenn Steiger,
General Manager,
Glendale Water
and Power
Glendale, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 31, 2009 – California-based Glendale Water and Power has signed a contract with Itron Inc. to secure advanced metering technologies for its electric and water operations.

Serving a combined 120,000 customers, Glendale sought an integrated system – from the meter to customer portal – from a single vendor that would help reduce its overall risk in deploying an advanced metering system.

Itron’s solution for Glendale consists of OpenWay® electricity meters, Water SaveSource™ endpoints and Itron Enterprise Edition™ (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM) software.

“Glendale Water and Power is committed to delivering sustainable power and water services to our customers in a reliable and environmentally sensitive manner,” says Glenn Steiger, Glendale Water and Power general manager. “OpenWay and Water SaveSource will enable more efficient delivery of our resources and give our customers the information they need to be smarter about their consumption.”

OpenWay provides a two-way communication network between the utility and the meters, with functionalities including interval data collection, time-of-use metering, load limiting remote disconnect and reconnect, outage detection, net metering capability and ZigBee® home area network connectivity.

Water SaveSource offers advanced data logging and leak detection capabilities that support conservation efforts by influencing customer consumption behavior and managing compliance of mandated measures.

IEE MDM will be used to create a single repository for both OpenWay and Water SaveSource meter data collection and data management going forward. This will reduce the cost and time to gather and reconcile meter data from multiple collection systems, while streamlining IT infrastructure and improving data security.

IEE Customer Care will be utilized to display data as part of Glendale’s website, providing electric and water end-users with insight into their usage patterns and the opportunity to change their behavior.