Advanced metering solution for GreyStone Power


Gary Miller,
GreyStone Power
President and
Douglasville, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 30, 2007 – GreyStone Power Corporation, an electric membership cooperative, will soon be using an advanced metering system that combines StatSignal RF mesh and TS2 power line carrier (PLC) technologies. The advanced metering deployment from Hunt Technologies will provide a 100% solution and include both residential and commercial customers in the utility’s service territory.  

GreyStone serves a rapidly growing residential and commercial customer base on the west side of Atlanta. A recently signed agreement with Hunt enables the utility to move forward with the rapid deployment of a two-way advanced metering solution that will exceed 130,000 meters by project end.  

Hunt’s StatSignal RF mesh network and TS2 PLC technologies will be deployed to form one communications network, with data management and control for both technologies being provided by Hunt’s Command Center™ AMI management software.  

In addition to continuous access to energy usage information, Hunt’s solutions provide a variety of engineering data for power quality reporting and analysis. Additionally, GreyStone will be able to offer billing and service options – such as pre-pay metering, load management and time-based billing options – for improved energy management.

GreyStone Power President/CEO Gary Miller said Hunt Technologies was chosen for the project for its extensive AMI deployment experience and wide range of technology choices. "Working with a company that supports a broad selection of AMI technologies under one software platform allowed us to get the solution we wanted through a single provider. This best meets our goals for a communication technology, and will enable us to meet our information requirements now and in the future," Miller said.