Advanced power quality monitoring solution from ABB and Ambient Corporation


John J. Joyce,
President and CEO,
Ambient Corporation
San Diego, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 1, 2013 – An advanced power quality monitoring solution is available integrating ABB’s DistribuSense current and voltage sensors with Ambient Corporation’s AmbientPQM solution.

The integrated product is a combination of hardware and software, Ambient Smart Grid Communications Nodes enabled with AmbientPQM, that enhances the ABB DistribuSense offering by adding local intelligence, management, communications, and alarm reporting at the location of the sensors.

The combined solution is aimed to facilitate grid management through realtime monitoring, and measurement of an extensive and configurable array of power quality parameters, to increase efficiency through volt/var optimization, and reliability through fault detection, isolation and restoration (FDIR). The standard current/voltage output signals from the ABB sensor are read by AmbientPQM™ and processed for local decision making, or directed to the appropriate head-end system through standard protocols.

The combined solution offers flexibility in the choice of backhaul communication technology, and local control of data at the sensor. Utilities benefit from an end-to-end solution that enhances distribution reliability and efficiency by decreasing energy costs, protecting revenue, avoiding costly regulatory penalties, and boosting customer satisfaction.

“We welcome this collaboration with ABB,” commented John J. Joyce, president and CEO of Ambient. “Such collaborations enable utility customers to deploy innovative solutions that deliver the promise of an advanced, modern distribution grid.”

In a separate announcement Ambient announced the enhancement of AmbientPQM with M-PQM, which enables the monitoring of multiple sources of power quality data in both the medium and low voltage distribution grid simultaneously.