South Carolina town inks $15 million AMI deal with Sensus


According to a statement, MPW will this month begin providing its customers with advanced water meters developed by Sensus.

MPW provides water to residents of Mount Pleasant town in the US state of South Carolina and is investing up to $15 million towards the implementation of the AMI programme. The project is expected to last through to 2019.

The installation and use of the AMI system will help MPW to improve its billing accuracy as well as reduce expenses associated with the use of an automated meter reading infrastructure.

AMI technology will provide a two-way communication between MPW and its consumers and enable the utility to bill its customers on a monthly basis.

Through the use of advanced water meters, customers of MPW are expected to improve their water efficiency by having access to their water consumption data in real-time.

The AMI system enables smart water meters to remotely communicate water consumption data to MPW’s central data hub for processing and billing purposes, unlike the AMR system which only allows data telemetry when MPW workers drive by neighbourhoods to collect meter data.

The decision to implement Sensus’ AMI technology follows the successful implementation of a pilot.

The water utility says it is confident an AMI system will help improve its customer services through the availability of better data the company will use to develop new programmes for its consumers as well as in managing its distribution network. According to the Moultrie News, the new system will help MPW to quickly identify water leaks and send its crew to make repairs.

The project will also help MPW reduce its carbon footprint incurred in using vehicles to collect water usage data.

Rick Crosby, chairman at MPW, said: “This technology is a critical step in enhancing our service to existing and future customers.”

Advanced water meters

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