Allegheny Power launches Energy Analysis software to Maryland customers


Dave Zabetakis,
General Manager,
Aclara Software Inc
Wellesley, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 20, 2009 – Allegheny Power has deployed Aclara Energy Analysis software, one of the ENERGYprism® customer-care solutions, to help customers in Maryland understand how they use power and identify ways they can save energy and money.
Allegheny Power is offering Aclara’s web-based Energy Analysis application at part of its Watt Watchers program, which helps customers learn more about saving energy and money. The online application is one of three home performance programs Allegheny offers. The other two involve a walk through consultation and report or a comprehensive in-home analysis that includes a blower door test. In addition, Watt Watchers provides rebates for the purchase of new energy efficient appliances, recycling of old appliances, and home energy checkups and weatherization programs for low income families.
“We are proud to have Allegheny Power join the growing list of utilities offering our Energy Center application to their customers. The software supports the investment already made by Allegheny Power in energy efficiency programs and customer service,” said Dave Zabetakis, general manager of Aclara Software Inc. “We look forward to continuing our work with Allegheny Power as it extends this capability and others into its full service area.”
Allegheny Power has identified Aclara as a strategic partner in its effort to build out the web functionality that will deliver the long term value of meter and billing data to its residential customer base. Beyond the initial Maryland launch, Aclara will work with Allegheny Power to deliver future enhancements through 2011 in bill analysis, presentation of advanced metering infrastructure data, and rates analysis throughout its service territory.