Ameren Missouri files for $68 million solar+storage projects


US utility Ameren Missouri has filed a proposal with the Missouri Public Service Commission to expand its portfolio of solar energy in the state.

The utility wants to build three solar+storage facilities to improve customer reliability and to accelerate the adoption of solar energy.

A total of $68 million will be invested in the project which is expected to be completed by next year as well as reduce consumer bills.

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The installations will be the first-of-their-kind facilities in the state and will be developed in Green City, Richwoods and Utica.

Each location will have a 10MW solar facility, making them the three largest investor-owned utility solar installations in the state.

The sites will generate and provide consumers with solar energy during the day, store excess electricity into the batteries and supply the main grid in the event of service interruption.

The projects are expected to help Ameren Missouri reduce the occurrences and duration of outages as they will be able to supply the main grid for hours as crews attend to grid faults during outages.

The facilities are part of the company’s plans to add 100MW of solar generation by 2027.

“At Ameren Missouri, we’re leading the region with this technology. These non-traditional solutions are expected to benefit customers by increasing reliability, growing the amount of renewable energy generation on the grid, and investing in the communities we call home,” said Michael Moehn, chairman of Ameren Missouri. “Innovative projects such as Solar + Storage are moving Missouri forward with smart energy.”

“This solution wasn’t available to us just two years ago,” said Kevin Anders, vice president of distribution operations and technical services. “Solar and storage technology has made significant strides in the past several years. Prices continue to decline, making them an attractive, affordable option for the communities we serve.”

“Incorporating several types of renewable energy, and now energy storage, will help us achieve our goal of reducing carbon emissions 80% from 2005 levels by 2050,” Moehn said.

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