Ameren Missouri installs smart grid tech in St. Francois County


Ameren Missouri is part of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation, that serves 1.2 million electric and 130,000 natural gas customers in central and eastern Missouri.

Its service area covers 64 counties and more than 500 communities including the greater St. Louis area.

Ameren Missouri’s deployment of smart grid technology, includes the implementation of “IntelliRupters” that are able to quickly identify and isolate a service issue, as well as increase reliability and modernise its infrastructure.

According to Daily Energy Insider, the IntelliRupters sense the condition of the electric system and alert Ameren Missouri of issues such as outages, allowing for faster restoration of service and reduce the number of customers affected by an outage.

“What this means for our customers is that we have the ability to restore power generally within minutes,” Russell Burger, director of the SEMO division for Ameren Missouri, said.

This equipment works together with other outage detection devices to isolate the outage and decrease the length of the service interruption. Ameren Missouri can use these smart switches to reroute power from another circuit, explains Daily Energy Insider.

“We are committed to building a stronger grid to ensure dependability, and this is why a large portion of the scheduled projects this year include smart grid technology in areas that have aging equipment or locations that have experienced reliability and outage issues that we want to improve,” Burger said.

Ameren microgrid

In related news, Ameren Corporation and smart grid solutions firm S&C Electric Company successfully conducted a 24-hour islanding test of a microgrid.

According to a statement, the test was done using a  microgrid owned by Ameren illinois in Champaign. The microgrid has been in operation since May this year.

The test has shown the ability of the microgrid to provide a seamless transition from grid-connected to island mode.

Ron Pate, senior vice president of operations and technical services at Ameren, said: “We have one of the few microgrids in the world that operates at utility-scale voltages and can seamlessly transition from grid-connected to islanded mode.” Read more