US smart campus to meet growing demand with new microgrid


In the US, renewable energy firm Ameresco and public-private economic development corporation PIDC have announced the operation of 6MW natural gas-fired peaking plant.

The microgrid is sited at the Navy Yard in Philadephia to generate energy to meet peak demand. The Navy will use energy from the microgrid to avoid using high costs electricity on the main grid during times when demand is high. This will help reduce energy costs on the main grid.

The project will help the Navy to generate extra revenue by participating in the PJM wholesale energy market. The system will be used to provide ancillary services in the regional market.

In addition, the project will allow PIDC to reliably meet the projected demand growth needs of the Navy Yard and its tenants.

Work has started to increase the capacity of the microgrid to 8MW by the end of 2018.

Rich Lazer, deputy mayor of Philadephia, said: “Completion of this project is a tremendous achievement for our City and the Navy Yard

“Not only does this peaking plant provide a reliable, innovative solution for ongoing energy requirements, but it is a great foundation to support significant future job growth as businesses continue to locate and grow within Philadelphia.”

Prema Katari Gupta, Senior Vice President, Navy Yard Planning, Development, and Operations at PIDC. “This peaking plant allows the Navy Yard to continue to develop, expand, and attract new businesses and jobs to Philadelphia; support our smart energy initiatives; and provide for greater energy security and resiliency as required.”

Michael T. Bakas, Executive Vice President, Ameresco. “As a key component of the Navy Yard’s leading-edge microgrid, the plant is capable of providing certain resiliency services and critical support in the event of extended grid outages in addition to shaving the peak load requirements of the microgrid.

The Navy Yard is a 1,200 acre land comprising 150 companies with 13,500 workers.


Image credit: 123rf.