A US-based business network for the energy and clean tech sector has compiled a list of the 25+ most innovative young companies in energy, infrastructure and sustainability in America.

Agrion’s Disrupt list has seven categories, including energy storage, smart grid and energy efficiency and is part of a bigger campaign – Disrupt 100+, which will feature organisations working to develop and adopt infrastructure technologies of the future.

Of the 25+ start ups, Agrion highlighted Inertech, a provider of sustainable cooling solutions for data centres and critical facilities, as the first Featured Innovator.

Using Inertech’s modular data pods and ultra-efficient cooling systems, the company’s projects for telecom, finance, and government customers have effectively lowered power and water costs as well as energy use, carbon emissions, and water consumption by over 80%.

In early 2013, they announced a record-setting 1.012 PUE (power usage effectiveness) for their eOPTI-TRAX technology through a collaboration with Skanska on projects for Telus, a leading telecommunications provider.

Nick Davis, managing director of Agrion Americas, said: “Inertech is our first Featured Innovator because we believe that sustainability and environmental leaders, CIOs, real estate and IT professionals, data center executives, and energy officers could all benefit by taking note of their performance and progress.”

To view the Disrupt list, click here.