AMI company Aclara enters smart infrastructure solution market


Smart infrastructure Solution utility data optimizingUtility software provider Aclara Technologies has launched a new data management system.

‘Intelligent Infrastructure: Data, Efficiency, Analytics and Services’ or iiDEAS is aimed at electric, water and gas utilities.

The smart infrastructure solution (SIS) provides a platform to lift distribution networks from automated metering infrastructure to a more advanced and holistic approach, the US company said in a statement.

Monitoring distribution network

SIS allows utilities to monitor the state of their distribution network, analyze the data, and communicate to the utility so that measures can be taken to optimize operations, preempt problems, or respond to issues quickly.

The open iiDEAS platform provides a centralized repository to aggregate data collected from multiple sources such as meter-reading networks, sensors, back-office systems, geospatial information systems (GIS), and weather feeds.

Single service as well as combination utilities can access data from multiple utility-specific systems through iiDEAS’ user interface to optimize their distribution networks, lower operating costs, and increase service reliability.

Data for decision-making

By offering a single collection and distribution point for information, iiDEAS facilitates utility solutions such as loss analysis, voltage analysis, power billing, demand management, meter exchange, transformer load analysis, and customer presentment.

Allan Connolly, CEO at Aclara, said the introduction of the iiDEAS platform represents the first of many technology developments from Aclara that will “transform SIS from concept to reality”.

(Pic credit: Shutterstock)