AMI network monitoring and integration platform capabilities enhanced


Aurora, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — April 16, 2008 – Olameter Inc., a , provider of IT solutions, field operations, and meter sales and service to utilities across North America, has announced the release of inView version 3.0, which includes functionality enhancements as well as comprehensive architecture modifications.

Olameter’s inView application integrates with multiple advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data collection systems in order to provide automated and operator-based AMI network monitoring and analysis tools, including reporting and down stream conversion/integration, via a secure web interface. This application reduces the time and effort required for utilities to become aware of and respond to AMI network and field issues, allowing them to maintain a continuous and reliable flow of AMI data to and from the back office enterprise systems.

The version 3.0 release includes enhanced meter inquiry tools, real-time or schedule-based event notification, enhanced geo-mapping utilizing the power of the Google Earth™ Satellite imagery, and support for additional import/export/synchronization file formats. The system architecture was also modified to improve performance and reliability for increasingly time-sensitive functionality.

"inView is a unique system within the AMI marketplace, and Olameter is dedicated to its evolution and on-going improvement," said Brent Williams, Olameter’s Vice President of IT Solutions. "Our clients have achieved efficiencies and greater insight into their AMI networks operations through the use of inView, and the version 3.0 enhancements will provide increased system awareness and control. Through on-going consultation with clients and industry observation, Olameter’s inView application will continue to evolve, meeting the needs of clients today and into the future."