AMI Project Exceeds Expectations


Advanced Metering Data Systems (AMDS) a wireless metering and connectivity company, has completed the delivery of 50,000 AMDS Connect™ enabled Sensus iCon electricity meters to Alabama Power Company. The deployment is made up of 45,000 two-way residential meters offering synchronised hourly reads, in-demand reads, real-time outage management and voltage monitoring, and 5,000 C&I meters with the AMDS system providing demand register reads/resets and two-way C12.19 table tunnelling capability.

The utility reports that the AMDS network topology AMI PROJECT EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS required only three towers to cover hundreds of square miles of its service territory, and that the meters are delivering 99.5% read interval success, with no repeaters or extra antennas needed anywhere in the system.

Even meters inside metal buildings and below ground are communicating reliably, thanks to Buddy Mode, a special software feature unique to the patented AMDS Connect design that allows meters with marginal communications to get a signal boost from a nearly meter antenna, without the need for additional hardware.