AMI solution and utility dashboard released


Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 22, 2009 – SAP’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution, AMI Integration for Utilities software, and a packaged dashboard developed in cooperation with enterprise document presentment solution provider StreamServe that displays cost-to-serve modeling and related carbon emissions impact, are now generally available, the company has announced.

AMI Integration for Utilities links sales, service and billing processes within SAP’s Customer Relationship and Billing for Utilities package to the capabilities of AMI technology.

With the availability of AMI Integration for Utilities, SAP also announced significant progress in the business integration of smart meters in the core processes of utility companies. The solution enables the efficient acquisition of metering data through meter data unification and synchronization systems and the management of bi-directional communication processes between smart devices and SAP® Business Suite software.

The packaged dashboard provides utilities with the ability to monitor their costs to service their customers, modeling how to reduce these costs and the related environmental impact with reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

“The plan to revolutionize the nation’s electric grid will demand a serious commitment to upgrading the way utilities and consumers interact with one another,” said David Laker, senior vice president and general manager, Utilities Practice of SAP America, Inc. “These developments reflect our commitment to that goal as well as helping the nation’s utilities find ways to run leaner and more efficiently.”

“Based on established benchmarks, these solutions enable utilities and their customers to improve cost efficiencies and become far less reliant on the earth’s resources,” added Dennis Ladd, president and CEO of StreamServe.