AMI system deployed in four months


St. Louis, MO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 15, 2007 – In an industry where AMI deployments can take as long as two years, the ability to successfully implement a full system in a matter of months is just one of the reasons the electric cooperative and municipal market (COOP & Muni) sales at DCSI increased COOP sales from $79 million in 2006, to $94 million in 2007, or over 18 percent. DCSI is the power line communications (PLC) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) subsidiary within the Communications Segment of ESCO Technologies Inc.

South Central Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corporation (SCI REMC) of Martinsville, IN, recently deployed the TWACS® AMI solution by DCSI to over 34,000 meters. It took only four months for SCI REMC and DCSI to jointly complete the project, which allows SCI REMC to remotely read meters and connect and disconnect service from its operation center.

“By partnering with DCSI we were able to complete our project implementation on a very tight schedule,” said Jack Hubbard, Manager of Engineering for SCI REMC. “It is a significant accomplishment to be able to install all end points and 21 substations in less than four months.”

With the implementation of TWACS PLC technology, SCI REMC’s engineering department now receives valuable data that allows it to analyze member usage, and use voltage and outage information to identify service reliability issues. The COOP will also save a considerable amount of dollars within operations managing the system’s operational efficiency using these AMI units. In the near future, it will offer its members optional off-peak rates and a fully enabled load control program.

DCSI’s system performance validates its TWACS technology as the most successfully implemented PLC-based AMI technology in all electric utility markets whether COOPs, municipals, or large investor-owned utilities. TWACS technology is a proven, reliable, two-way PLC system that offers solutions for AMR, load control, interval data, outage assessment, remote disconnect/connect, on-request readings, demand response, advanced pricing programs such as critical peak pricing, and other value-added services.

“We are proud of our exceptional accomplishments and successful performance, as well as our leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development of AMI solutions for the COOP and Muni markets,” commented Bruce Phillips, Group President, ESCO’s Communications Segment.

ESCO’s Communications Segment recently reorganized its sales and marketing organization to improve its ability to provide enhanced value and customer service in all its markets. The realignment will improve the ability of DCSI, Hexagram, and Nexus Energy Software to serve its present and future customers.

“ESCO’s Communications Segment is now strategically aligned to address the differentiated needs of COOPs and IOUs,” continued Phillips. “Utilizing the strengths of our PLC and RF-based fixed network technologies and meter data management software, we have more strongly focused on the topology considerations for each of our markets to provide operational efficiencies, customer service improvements, and meaningful financial benefits that address customer challenges today and into the future.”

TWACS technology currently manages over 15 million electric meters. Additionally, TWACS technology provides two-way hourly data communications, 365 days a year with sustained 99% first-pass data collection reliability, for approximately 2.5 million meters throughout North America.