AMI system for Manitoba Hydro


Bob Brennan,
Manitoba Hydro
Winnipeg, Canada — (METERING.COM) — March 27, 2007 – Manitoba Hydro will install AMI technology for a pilot group of 200 residential customers, as part of its ongoing efforts to improve service. Developed by Cannon, this technology uses powerlines to communicate automatic meter readings and other data back to the utility.
The utility will thus be able to deliver greater customer value through improved system reliability, accuracy in metering and billing, and enhanced energy conservation. Eventually, it will also provide the capability to offer a broad range of additional new services, such as flexible rate plans, time-of-use information, customer ‘in-home’ energy use displays, and faster response times for power outages and restorations. Giving customers a visual indication of their energy use will help individuals to improve their own energy conservation.

Manitoba Hydro will be installing the new generation of metering technology for 200 electricity customers in various rural settings, giving a good indication of how well the technology operates. Hydro will then assess the potential to implement it in other rural areas across the province.

The installation should be completed in April. Homeowners will not have to be home for this installation unless their electricity meter is located inside the house. The new meter will fit where the current meter is and installation will only take about 10 minutes per home.

The new meter will look like the old meter to most homeowners. The benefits will not be apparent at the beginning of this project, but Hydro is looking at the long-term benefits.