AMI system for suite metering in Toronto


Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has appointed Trilliant Incorporated, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure based on open standards, to provide AMI smart suite metering equipment, supplies and services for residential multi-unit buildings. Suite metering involves measuring the electricity use of individual suites in multi-occupant buildings and allows accountability for each suite’s own costs.

The contract extends a Trilliant suite metering services programme that has existed for more than two years and will now encompass up to 50,000 meters. Working with Quadlogic to deliver the metering solutions, Trilliant will provide Toronto Hydro with AMI smart suite metering equipment for existing and new construction projects including metering, network, and data backhaul systems, Trilliant’s enterprise data management system, engineering expertise in the design and metering of C&I and residential suite metering installations, AMI data acquisition and management services, field maintenance and troubleshooting services, meter shop sealing and commissioning services, and AMI technology training. /