AMR based on ZigBee-compliant wireless platform


AMRON Technologies Inc., Chipcon AS and Figure 8 Wireless have announced the release of AMRON’s M5™ advanced metering platform. It is suitable for incorporation into both polyphase and single phase electricity meters and is powered by the Chipcon CC2420 802.15.4 RF semi-conductor and Figure 8 Wireless Z-Stack ZigBee-compliant wireless device networking stack. The M5 platform uses ZigBee’s mesh networking capabilities to cover wide areas containing up to 2000 meters, served by a single IP point of presence, for cost-effective ‘always on’ AMR solutions.

A new global standard for wireless connectivity, ZigBee enables interoperability of products for a wide range of applications, including advanced metering, home control and building automation. It is built on the radio (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) communication layers defined by the IEEE 802.25.4 standard. As the first ad-hoc multi-hop wireless mesh network standard, ZigBee enables nodes to be added or removed without causing network interruptions. Additionally messages can move from one node to another via several different network paths, extending the network’s range by up to three miles. / / /