AMR compatible range of residential water meters

Romsey, UK — (METERING.COM) — August 10, 2007 – Sensus Metering Systems has unveiled the brand strategy that will spearhead the marketing of the world’s first fully AMR compatible range of residential water meters. The company is implementing ‘Sentinel’ as the core identity to promote its family of advanced residential meters, a portfolio which combines the widest range of technologies (single jet, multi jet and piston), dials (wet, semi-dry and dry) and bodies available in the marketplace with the highest standards of metrological performance.

Sensus believes that bringing all its advanced residential meters within the ‘Sentinel’ brand will help customers quickly identify with a range of meters that sell in their millions each year.

Sentinel will help the company to communicate the key values and benefits that its meters deliver to customers – most notably complete AMR compatibility throughout the family but also high performance in data collection, revenue protection through accuracy across a wide range of flow rates and optimum return on investment.

“Millions of Sensus residential meters are installed each year but because of the way the company has developed there has been no single brand identity that glues common technologies and core values together from a customer perspective,” comments Jacques Terlinden – Product Manager of the residential meter portfolio.

“In Sentinel, we believe we have a name and an identity that will improve customer recognition of our residential meter family. It is a strategy in keeping with Sensus Metering Systems’ position as a world-class provider of metering and AMR systems.”

The name has been selected to reflect the core values associated with the meter range – watching over and protecting customer investment and revenue.