AMR solution for BPL deployments


muNet has introduced its new WebGate® broadband over powerline HomePlug® IP-based residential electric meter as the first in a series of models cost-optimised to support each broadband network type supported by its flagship WebGate and WebGate Mini IP interface metering solutions. For utilities and others deploying BPL networks as part of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects, the WebGate BPL is a ‘just plug it in’ solution.

Integrated under the glass of the Sensus iCON™ family of single phase electricity meters, the WebGate system acquires interval metering data, adds a time stamp, stores the data in non-volatile memory and transfers it via TCP/IP (HTTP) and XML protocols over the BPL network. The WebGate unit has full two-way communication capabilities and can be equipped with optional features to record data from water and gas meters via wireless connections, to control a 200 amp power disconnect switch and to collect voltage measurements.

Compatible with muNet’s central office WebBot™ central control software, the WebGate unit can also communicate with any software package that can issue standard HTTP queries, and can process XML responses. High-speed Internet into the premises continues in parallel with the data connection to the unit, which itself requires a small portion of the network bandwidth. Encryption protection for all incoming commands is provided using 128-bit AES encryption.