AMR solution for Chicago’s water meters


Chicago, IL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 11, 2007 – Over the next three years the City of Chicago will introduce an automatic meter reading solution to read the 162,000 water meters in its territory, citing benefits to customers such as the elimination of estimated bills and leak detection. At present some 25 percent of the existing waters cannot be read manually by meter readers.

A further benefit to users is the fact that meter readings and billing units are being changed from cubic feet to gallons, which the City believes will enable customers to better understand how much water they are using.

The work is being carried out by contractors Professional Meters Inc. (PMI). A transmitter will be placed on the exterior of the building and connected to the meter by a thin wire. The transmitter will be either attached to or through the meter pit lid, and the readings from the transmitters will be collected by a reader driving by in a vehicle.

Participation in the project is required for all customers with existing water meters. The City hopes to save $3 million per year once all meters are being read remotely.