AMR solution for solid state meters


Hunt Technologies, Inc., a global provider of AMR solutions, is working with meter manufacturers to finalise solid state versions of the ERT-compatible AirPoint. Some modules, including the AirPoint FOCUS for the Landis+Gyr solid state FOCUS meter and the AirPoint GE I210, will be available for shipping in October. Hunt is also working with Sensus Metering Systems to develop an AirPoint endpoint for the iCon solid state meter.

The AirPoint technology provides the same features and functions as the Itron ERT, and is designed to interface with the Itron Mobile Collection System 1.0 and 2.0, as well as with off-site collection systems. It takes a read directly from the meter register and transmits usage and demand data to drive-by and walk-by retrieval systems.

Hunt has also announced that it is developing a high-powered version of the AirPoint to complement the solid state and electromechanical modules already in production. The company expects modules featuring the high-powered transmission technology to be available early in 2006.