AMR solutions for multi-utilities


Distribution Control Systems Inc. has released its new Two-Way Automatic Communication System (TWACS®) radio frequency link technology – a consumption data transmission system between water, gas and/or propane meter encoders and a TWACS transceiver mounted in an electricity meter. The TWACS RFL system fulfils the need for an alternative to hard-wired communications among proximate meters.

The TWACS RFL system provides total consumption data at any selectable or programmable time of day, as well as present consumption based on hourly interval readings. Billing data is available for 23 hours, or until the next data cycle times occur. Water and/or gas consumption data is remotely relayed to the TWACS transponder mounted in the electricity meter, and transmitted to the utility from that point.

The development of this technology enables the TWACS system to provide AMR solutions to gas, water, electricity and multi-utilities without trenching or hard wiring. In the future Badger Meter’s ORION ® Pit-Set water and gas metering solution will interface with the TWACS RFL system, extending its ability to collect and transmit data from meters still further.