AMR supports water conservation efforts

Goldsboro, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 6, 2007 – The City of Goldsboro will fully automate its water meter reading operations as part of an aggressive plan to enhance water conservation. Datamatic, a provider of utility data collection solutions, has been awarded the contract to install a turnkey, citywide system including 15,000 FIREFLY® Meter Interface Units (MIUs).

“We worked closely with Datamatic to develop an aggressive plan to enhance our water conservation efforts,” said Goldsboro Finance Director Richard Durham. “Expediting the installation will allow us to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities so it can start paying us back immediately. We anticipate big gains in reading efficiency, proactive leak detection and customer satisfaction.”

Hardware costs savings was another key reason that Goldsboro selected Datamatic to fulfill its AMR system needs. “Datamatic was chosen for its universally compatible FIREFLY technology, which can be retrofitted to the City’s existing meters,” added Durham. “Other proprietary systems would have required large scale meter changeouts and would have nearly doubled the cost of the $1.6 million project.”

The City of Goldsboro also placed a high value on the AMR system’s ProfilePLUS™ data logging capability and the issues it can address. Each FIREFLY MIU stores hour-by-hour consumption patterns for the previous 74 days. This data is invaluable for settling customer usage disputes, leak detection, system optimization, eliminating inefficient off-cycle reading, and right-sizing meters and distribution infrastructure.