An interview with Scott Grieves

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Please share a brief history of your career and how you came to be in your current position

My name is Scott Grieves, before coming to KUA I worked as a lead electrician for one of the largest electric companies in Florida. Seeking to further my electrical background I joined the ranks of KUA and worked my way up through as a Lineman. Recently I was promoted to Senior Energy Auditor responsible for all energy conservation programs and high energy bill and metering investigations. I’ve held many jobs at KUA and I have to say helping our customers find, answer, and solve electric utility problems and questions is the best…Our customers deserve our best efforts.

Give a brief history and overview of your utility

KUA owns, operates and manages the municipal electric system established by the City of Kissimmee in 1901. Compared to the other municipally-owned electric utilities, KUA is the 6th largest utility in Florida. KUA’s 300+ employees serve approximately 64,000 customers in Kissimmee and surrounding areas.

KUA owns and operates the Roy E. Hansel Generating Station and the Cane Island Power Park and has ownership interests in Orlando Utilities Commission’s (OUC) Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center coal-fired Units 1 & 2 and Indian River Combustion Turbine Units A and B; Florida Power Corporation’s (FPC) Crystal River Nuclear Unit No. 3; and Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) St. Lucie Nuclear Unit No. 2. KUA’s total generating capacity is 305 megawatts (MW).

The governing body of KUA consists of six members. The Mayor of Kissimmee is a non-voting Ex-Officio member. The 5 voting members are nominated by the Board and ratified by the City Commission.

What is the history of your advanced metering program? How developed is your metering system/infrastructure? What plans or pilot projects are scheduled in the coming 18 months or so?

Currently we are reviewing our advanced metering and making every effort to remote read all our electric meters without effecting our budgeted cost and reliability to our customers. Our mission is to provide the right services at the right time and reduce costs to our customers…

What do you envisage as the key benefits of advanced metering?

Faster data collected reads, reliability, reduced costs, and time benefiting our customers and the utility operations.

The question of “what to do with the data” is in the minds of many professionals at the moment. With terabytes of information being stored and processed, how do you anticipate using all the data you’re collecting?

In reference to collecting “data” real time, it’s a huge benefit. We could track kWh usage patterns real-time for peak savings, power outages, faster read times, quicker re-reads, and at the same time reducing cost.

Comparing some of this data in the future could aid in energy conservation, locating areas of increased usage and implementing energy saving measures/ education to help our customers.  

Have your customers been actively involved with these projects/pilots? Are there customer education programs in place? Have there been any objections or concerns to advanced meter programs?
We have approached a few larger accounts and isolated areas. The interest has been favourable with a customer interest in options to review their own account real-time before the bill is due or to track peak usage.

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What strategies have you implemented to strengthen your relationship with customers?

Our utility as a whole has increased faster response times to questions and power outages due to storms for increased electric service reliability…

Currently we offer free energy audits to teach our customers how there meter performs and how they are billed based on the amount of kWh they use. This type of service has been great successes helping our customers understand many aspects of the utility.

We also have supported and sponsored over 250 local community events last year and provided updated news releases and important information on how to save energy and information about the utility to keep our customers informed.

How would you describe the vision of your utility?

KUA the right utility, providing the right services, at the right time.