ANSI/IEC compatible probe


In support of the company’s broad range of single-phase, three-phase and bi-directional precision meter products, Landis+Gyr has introduced its 2-in-1 AIP200 ANSI & IEC optical probe into the US market. This dual-purpose probe offers utilities greater value for money by combining the ability to read both ANSI C12.18 and IEC 1107 optical ports in one device. 

The probe uses a USB interface for better compatibility with newer computers and is powered via the USB connection, so no batteries are required. Simple, wizard-based installation and configurations instructions are available, and the probe offers a data rate of 38,400 bits per second. The AIP200 is the second offering in a planned family of special and general use optical probes. 

Landis+Gyr has also released the Master Reset Tool version 1.00. Development of this software package, which is available to Landis+Gyr customers at no charge, took place as the result of a suggestion by a customer. The package can be used to clear energy and demand readings in Landis+Gyr’s S4, S4e, FOCUS® and Altimus® meters via their optical ports. 

Operationally the Master Reset Tool can be used wherever Landis+Gyr’s supported meters can be accessed using a PC and compatible optical probe. It automatically queries the meter, detects the programming sequence and clears energy or demand readings without reprogramming the meter. The current version of the Master Reset Tool can be downloaded from the company’s web site.