APAC region shows accelerated growth in global smart connected communities market


Global market research company Technavio has released a new report on the global smart connected communities market.

The report provides key market highlights and market outlook for 2016 through to 2020. According to the report, vendors are predicted to leverage advances in converged system and integrated platforms. The use of smart sensor technologies will also support the adoption of converged systems and integrated platforms. This includes M2M communications and analytics.

Technologies such as smart motion sensors capture information and can relay a signal to intelligent systems, should there be any changes identified in residents’ activity. This is an indication that the use of sensor technology to support smart projects, including smart traffic, smart lighting, smart waste and smart grid is rising.

Amit Sharma, lead analyst at Technavio specializing in IT professional services research said: “Fiber optic sensors, are helping build smart waste management systems in many communities. Sensors are embedded in IoT to provide seamless connectivity. For instance, Intel is collaborating with Chungwah Telecom Taiwan, to install sensor-enabled smart poles that capture the information related to traffic, weather conditions, and power consumption in localities.”

Smart connected communities in APAC

[quote] The report summary says that most APAC governments are aligning their policies to support urbanisation and creation of smart communities.

Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are said to be investing heavily in ICT technologies for the purpose of developing sustainable community management through smart public services.

Technavio adds that governments in APAC are investing in intelligent technologies to build smart communities that can balance resource demand and supply.

The Australian government is reported to be investing significantly in promoting smart grids and smart city projects. Networking giant Cisco is providing technology for Smart + Connected Communities to Adelaide’s Smart City studio in South Australia. Citizens and executives can thus connect to Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) innovation centre.

Smart community grids take centre stage

The report also highlights the role of smart community grids as the largest segment of the global smart connected communities market by 2020.

Implementation of ICT infrastructure and automated control systems, such as smart grid technologies are expected to significantly reduce transmission losses and conserve electricity for future consumption.

The London-based company notes that: “… IT solution[s], such as data management, real-time analytics, communications systems, and automation technologies designed to manage smart grid architecture will play a key role in helping communities remain connected with power grids by using electricity judiciously.”