APX Alarm acquires Meter Solutions


Alex Dunn, COO,
APX Alarm
Provo, UT, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 18, 2011 – Security and home services company APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Orem, UT-based Meter Solutions, an independent installation provider of smart meter technologies nationwide.

The acquisition is aimed to broaden APX’s focus on providing smart grid and energy management solutions for consumers.

“We are excited to see the evolution of home automation and smart grid technologies as they begin to work hand-in-hand,” said Alex Dunn, chief operating officer of APX Alarm. “With the acquisition of Meter Solutions, our company is smart grid ready, providing energy efficiency and cost-effective remedies for both homeowners and utility companies.”

Meter Solutions’ clients include Questar Gas, PGE and Elster. Current meter installation services include AMI site surveys, AMI infrastructure installation, AMR/AMI endpoint installation, water, gas and electric meter retrofits, complete water and electric meter replacement, GPS meter locating, digital photography of meters, barcode scanning, completion order timestamp, system mapping, and meter testing/repair.

“By merging with APX, we hope to continue to bring innovative solutions to our utility customers, while also providing the consumer with an opportunity to benefit from the increased functionality provided by a fully integrated AMI system,” said Taylor Turnbull, chief executive officer of Meter Solutions.