Ireland enters third phase of smart meter analysis

Two more bases have been connected to the Army’s enterprise-wide Meter Data Management System, allowing energy management and consumption monitoring from a building level, with a view to using the information to reduce energy consumption and cost.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, and Presidio of Monterey, California, are now part of the $230 million Army Metering Programme (AMP), which is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Centre.

Initiated in response to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005), which requires federal facilities to be metered with advanced meters where practical, the AMP enables metering in individual buildings, such as those that utilities have provided for homes and businesses for over a century.

Huntsville Centre started installing advanced electric meters in 2008 and to date has installed nearly 8 000 of the 8 500 electric meters planned; 1 200 meters are connected to the MDMS and are reporting electric energy use by installation.  The goal is to capture 65 per cent of the Army’s energy use at the building level.  In order to be considered ‘economically justified’ for metering, buildings had to consume an estimated $35 000 annually in energy costs.  The addition of metering now means usage can be measured and patterns identified with far greater detail and accuracy.

“Our programme is coming down to finishing the electric meter requirement from EPAct 2005,” said Porscha Porter, a Huntsville Centre electrical engineer. “It has been a challenge to get all these metering systems installed and reporting automatically. Installing meters on the building was easy; getting the systems accredited and reporting meter data across the Army network has been quite the challenge.

“Now that we have crossed the major hurdle of the system accreditations, it’s getting a little easier to get the systems online,” Porter continues. “Being able to show progress and success is leading to more cooperation and more installations embracing MDMS. Some of the installations with their own internal data gathering systems in place are now seeing the usefulness and benefit of the enterprise level MDMS system and the additional tools it provides to the energy managers.”


This screen shot shows the Army’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) user interface.