Dematic-meters-module-for-maintenancUS supplier of factory, warehouse and distribution center systems, has entered the energy market with a meters module for preventive and predictive maintenance.

Dematic, based in Georgia, has developed the meters module for computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to talk to existing monitoring systems and consolidate real-time data in a bid to “streamline and improve maintenance processes,” said Paulson Palmer, product manager at Dematic CMMS.

“Connecting our meters module to various monitoring systems provides our clients a fully integrated CMMS solution that communicates with asset monitoring and warehouse control systems.

Mr Palmer added: “In addition to bringing improved efficiency and timeliness to the maintenance process, this integration also drives improved reliability and availability across maintenance operations.”

Meter module in energy field

Aimed at a variety of industry sectors including energy, material handling and manufacturing, the new module has been used by large mid-Atlantic energy provider Washington Gas Energy Services since 2014 to monitor its more than 120 meters.

Commenting on its effectiveness, Jack Hachmann, manager of commercial assets at Washington Gas Energy Services, said: “Automation, integration and the unified platform make this solution a game changer for us.

“With system alerts automatically communicated to our work management module, we now have at all times a complete and accurate view of our asset condition.

“The data is available in one place through a dashboard, providing insight into operations to help us improve and transition from reactive to proactive maintenance.”

Meter module benefits

Dematic says benefits of this new solution include improved predictive and condition-based asset management and reliability, improved data accuracy, asset lifecycle management and automated energy management.

The solution is available either on-cloud or on-premise and configured for mobile devices.