ATCO Electric to install meter data management system


Harvey Michaels,
CEO, Nexus
Energy Software
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada —(METERING.COM) — August 1, 2007 – ATCO Electric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Utilities Limited and part of the ATCO Group of Companies, announced this week that it is implementing an MDM solution to house its interval meter customer data. The technology will enable ATCO Electric to manage the data for approximately 1,500 interval meters for its large industrial customers.

Nexus Energy Software was chosen to provide its Meter Vision® meter data repository along with some additional functionality to support ATCO Electric’s load profiling needs. This application will provide ATCO Electric with a broad set of functionality that leverages meter and customer data to address key issues in energy service planning and delivery. The application will perform ATCO Electric’s critical functions of data integration, validation, estimation and editing (VEE) and data storage and management. Meter Vision has an open, accessible, and versatile architecture, maintaining a complete audit trail. ATCO Electric has already committed to an advance metering infrastructure and has fully deployed a TWACS® AMI system from Nexus’ sister company, DCSI, a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc.

"We conducted a thorough search of the market and determined that Nexus was the company with the product functionality that best suited our needs and vision,” said Sid Mathur, Manager, Metering, ATCO Electric. “Working in partnership with Nexus, we will have an industry-proven state-of-the-art foundation for the future. Our MDMS will eliminate manual processes, give us a centralized intelligent data repository, retire disparate legacy systems, and position us well for the future needs of the Alberta market."

Nexus Energy Software is a leading provider of MDMS systems, including applications that leverage the data to support areas such as revenue protection, distribution planning, load research, forecasting, settlement, complex billing and customer service. Its MDMS solution is currently being used to manage the largest AMI system in North America in terms of data volume, the 1.4 million meter system deployed by PPL in Pennsylvania that collects hourly data.