Toronto Hydro’s energy storage system yields positive results


In a press statement, the energy provider to some 764,000 customers in Toronto city says its battery energy storage system is helping reduce strain on the company’s transformer which the technology is connected to.

The energy storage system comprises a battery mounted on one of Toronto Hydro’s electricity distribution pole.

The energy storage battery was developed by Ryerson University and integrated with an energy storage technology developed by eCamion to enable real-time and remote operation of the system.

Toronto Hydro claims its pilot is the world’s first testing a grid-scale pole-mounted battery energy storage system.

The energy storage battery is mounted 16 feet in the air and has an energy storage capacity equivalent to some 2,100 smartphone batteries.

Scope of battery energy storage system pilot

The municipal utility is using the battery energy storage system to store energy during off-peak periods and provide it to the transformer for use by customers during periods when energy demand is high.

The system can also be used to provide electricity to consumers connected to the utility’s network during power outages.

The pilot was started in August 2016 with funds secured from the Ontario Smart Grid Fund which helps solution providers and utility firms to test and implement innovative grid solutions and business models. [Canada partners on smart grid pilot].

Currently, the pilot’s main focus is to understand the ability of the system to respond to real-time grid data. The results of the pilot will determine whether Toronto Hydro should deploy the energy storage system on some 175,000 energy distribution poles within its network.

Anthony Haines, CEO of Toronto Hydro, said: “This is another example of a creative and innovative energy storage system being installed on our grid. We’re focused on supporting collaborative projects like this one as it contributes to an integrated electricity system better designed to handle peak demand and improve reliability for our customers.”

Bala Venkatesh, Academic Director at the Centre for Urban Energy at Ryerson University, added: “Ryerson University’s Centre for Urban Energy is pleased to have developed the world’s first pole-mounted energy storage unit in collaboration with Toronto Hydro and eCAMION. The project showcases how the use of energy storage and smart grid technologies can enhance distribution system performance and reduce asset upgrade costs. It is a true made-in-Toronto success story.”


Image Credit: Toronto Hydro.