BC Hydro moves ahead with smart meter and smart grid program


Vancouver, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 20, 2010 – BC Hydro has started to move ahead with its smart meter and infrastructure (SMI) deployment, and recently issued a request for proposals for the four year Ca$930 million (US$900 million) program.

The program comprises two components – a smart metering rollout due for completion in 2013 (Ca$660 million), and a smart grid program due for completion the following year (Ca$270 million).

Together the programs are expected to deliver a positive net present value of approximately Ca$500 million, BC Hydro has estimated.

In the smart meter component, smart meters will be deployed to BC Hydro’s approximately 1.8 million residential and commercial customers, along with the telecommunications infrastructure and meter data management system. Customers also will be offered in-home displays and other in-home feedback tools, such as a web portal, to show how much energy they are using and its cost. Pricing signals will be provided with new conservation based rates.

The smart grid component will focus on theft detection, through the implementation of new technologies to identify premises where illegal diversions are occurring, and infrastructure upgrades, including failure resistant telecommunications systems and other back-up systems. These will provide the foundation for a smarter grid, which in the future should accommodate self-generation options for customers and large scale accommodation of electric vehicles.

Prospective vendors are invited to contact BC Hydro, and the company expects to select smart metering technology and a systems integrator over the next 6 to 12 months.