Benchmark Testing Validates Scalability and Performance of LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite


Peabody, Massachusetts – March 14, 2006– LODESTAR Corporation, a leading provider of energy software solutions, announced today that it recently completed performance benchmarking on its suite of applications, LODESTAR® Customer Choice Suite™ (CCS™). CCS is the leading solution for energy companies who require a proven, highly-scalable and flexible software solution. Using industry-standard technologies and best-practices in design and implementation, LODESTAR’s CCS is unmatched in its flexibility and scalability.

BillingExpert®, LODESTAR’s billing product, was the first to be benchmarked. More and more, utilities are requiring a billing system that can handle millions of accounts/meters/services in order to bill customers effectively and efficiently. The goal of the testing was to bill a large number of mass market accounts accurately and quickly by simulating a representative billing day. To accomplish this, LODESTAR used billing rules from the Italian market to apply them to 10 million accounts for electricity and gas. The test billing cycle day would bill 500,000 (300,000 electric and 200,000 gas) customers using actual residential/small commercial tariff rates. The billing process that was configured for this project included data loading of meter reads, validation, estimation, bill calculation, and bill true-up.

“Given that our client deemed it acceptable if one daily bill cycle were completed in 8 hours for the 500,000 representative accounts,” says Ken Hamilton, Senior Director of Product Management, “we are pleased to announce that our software completed the end-to-end process within 3 hours.” The testing was done repeatedly and for different bill months to disprove any possibility of arbitrary results. Results clearly demonstrated that the software is more than capable of scaling to support huge numbers of accounts. The combined retail price for all hardware required for the BillingExpert benchmark was less than $75,000, with modest capital investments needed for additional Intel-based servers to further scale LODESTAR’s solution.

LODESTAR CCS is meeting the dynamic and expanding needs of today’s leading energy providers. In production today, CCS is managing meter data for 32 million delivery points for market settlements in a large European electricity market. CCS is also currently in production at several sites managing upwards of 7 million meter points for billing and settlements. These LODESTAR solutions have now been in production for up to five years, and will be able to scale to even higher numbers simply by adding more servers. Recent analysis demonstrates that LODESTAR® Meter Data Management™ is capable of scaling up to 15 million points, thereby meeting the current and future data management demands of the largest utilities worldwide.

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