Benefits of remote reading of water meters already apparent


Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 14, 2008 – West View Water Authority is deploying new water meters from Sensus Metering Systems, and the benefits of the AMR system – such as daily meter reads, early identification of leaks and the elimination of estimated bills – are already apparent. Over 10 percent of the authority’s 54,000 customers have already had their new meters installed; full deployment is likely to take another two years.

In the past the water meters were read quarterly, and meter readers encountered the usual access problems, resulting in many customers receiving estimated bills. The new meters transmit consumption information daily using RF technology, and those customers who have received one already are reportedly pleased with the service.

West View Water Authority serves a large territory, and the installation of the news meters is being carried out by an external contractor, VSI Metering Services. It is being done neighborhood by neighborhood, with VSI advising residents when work will begin in their neighborhood and asking them to make an appointment for the meter changeover.