GridPoint cloud-based energy management data platform
GE said that it will begin migrating their software and analytics to the Predix Cloud in Q2015 and will be available to customers on Predix Cloud in 2016

US energy management systems company GridPoint has formed a collaboration with software maker MicroStrategy to offer more advanced energy analytics capability.

GridPoint, which offers cloud-based solutions to utilities to increase energy savings, facility efficiency and sustainability efforts, has incorporated MicroStrategy Analytics Platform into its GridPoint Energy Manager.

Data-driven monitoring

The company claims that the addition will make it easier for customers to visualize asset-level data collected through GridPoint’s submetering and monitoring activities across a fleet of sites.

Mark Danzenbaker, senior vice president of sales, marketing and product management at GridPoint, said: “GridPoint’s expertise lies in the ability to collect large sums of data. Every day, we add more than 100 million data points to the 75 billion data points that have been collected to date across 12,000 sites.

“This state-of-the-art data collection combined with MicroStrategy’s stunning and informative visualizations further empowers GridPoint customers to transform into energy conscious enterprises by managing energy through measurement and powerful data analytics.”

Energy management report

GridPoint identified data-driven energy management as one of five trends shaping energy-conscious companies in a recent report.

The document said that if energy management systems were deployed across the approximately 5 million commercial and industrial buildings that exist in the US, and if there were conservatively 30 separate devices or monitoring points that were being measured at each building in 15 minute intervals throughout the day, then at the end of one year we would have collected over 5 trillion energy data points.

It concludes: “With the proper energy management software, these points can then be analyzed and leveraged for smarter energy management.”