Billing and customer care application selected by OnStream


Solihull, U.K. and Waltham, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 29, 2010 – National Grid company OnStream has selected the MetraNet billing and customer care application from MetraTech for the billing element of its extensive business transformation program.

OnStream provides gas and electricity metering solutions to energy suppliers in Great Britain.

MetraNet will be deployed to support both OnStream’s traditional meters and the rollout of its new smart meter business model in the U.K. In particular MetraNet will be managing the complex billing contracts for the company’s customers and the payments to its service providers, with both the customers and service providers able to view and configure their bills online.

OnStream’s transformation program is focused on putting its customers at the heart of the organization, and the company is establishing fully integrated gas and electricity systems and processes that will enhance customer service levels.

OnStream has already installed 27,000 smart and automated meter reading (AMR) meters in homes and businesses.

“Smart metering represents the critical pathway for OnStream’s future,” said Sharon Rodriguez, director of OnStream. “Being able to leverage this new technology to deliver highly competitive, unique customer offerings is only possible if the infrastructure required to support the resulting contracts is in place. We expect to achieve the nimbleness required to face the challenges of an evolving smart metering market.”