Billing software for submetering


Starnik Systems Inc. announces the release of UtilityTrakR 5.0., a comprehensive submetered and RUBS utility billing software for multifamily housing and corporate offices. UtilityTrakR is a web-based system with separate portals available for billing companies, apartment owners, community managers, management companies and residents.

UtilityTrakR features web-based portfolio and regulatory reports, easy import of meter reading files, work-flow tracking, work order system, integrated customer relations management, choice of customisable invoices, online move-out and move-in of residents by community managers, unlimited utilities, rent billing, online payment by residents, and interfaces with property management systems, among others. It is built upon a world class database using the latest Microsoft .NET technology. This billing system is easy to use and extremely customisable, resulting in savings of time and improvement in quality of service.