US cities implement AMI and partner to optimise billing


The city aims to use the new metering system to enhance water conservation as well as optimise revenue collection for its water department.

Smart meter installation

In a press statement, the city said the smart meters will ensure accurate billing and provide notifications of water leakages for curbing of non-revenue water.

The announcement follows the city’s approval to purchase smart water meters from Schulte Supply for installation in residential properties.

[quote] The installation of the $205,000 metering system will begin this August through to November.

The project is being funded by a loan secured from the Kansas State Loan Repayment Programme. The city will repay the loan over a 20 year term.

Utility billing systems

In related news, the city of Tallahassee in Florida state partnered with electronic payment systems provider ACI Worldwide to enhance bill payments for its utilities customers.

Following its selection by the city, ACI Worldwide also partnered with transaction solutions firm QuotePro to enhance its online payment technology UP Framework.

The collaboration of the two firms will provide cash, credit and debit card payment services for the city’s electric and water customers. [Canadian city bets to improve revenue collection with new CIS].

The two will also establish kiosks to simplify bill payments for customers wanting to pay their bills in person.

Mike Braatz, chief product officer at ACI Worldwide, commented: “Tallahassee embarked on an innovative way to enhance the customer payment experience, particularly for students and residents who pay their bills in person”

In India, power utility Punjab State Power Corporation (PSPCL)  also partnered with mobile money transfer firm Vodafone M-PESA to improve how consumers pay their electricity bills.

The collaboration will allow consumers of PSPCL to securely pay their bills online via the digital app.

M-PESA is a digital wallet service provided by Vodafone to simplify money transfers, bills and utility Payments, merchant payments and business solutions across the Indian state of Punjab.

Arvind Vohra, operations director of Vodafone India, said: “Partnership with the PSPCL is one such initiative that bridges the need for a simple, timely and cashless electricity bill payment solution through the mobile phone.”


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