Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative selects energy management solution


Mark Rose, CEO,
Bluebonnet Electric
Bastrop, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 4, 2009 – Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative has selected Home Area Network (HAN) and consumer energy management solution developer Control4’s Energy Management System, including an in-home display with a programmable smart thermostat, for deployment in its members’ homes and businesses.

Bluebonnet, serving more than 65,000 members in 14 counties between Austin and Houston, will begin integrating the technology by April 2010.

“After an extensive search process that included several product demonstrations, Bluebonnet chose the Control4 Energy Management System for its ability to provide up-to-the-minute information about energy usage and price that our members can use to manage their monthly electric bill,” said Mark Rose, Bluebonnet CEO. “Control4’s EMS-100 combines an easy-to-use touch screen with a flexible and expandable system at a reasonable price. These features will enable Bluebonnet’s members to be better consumers of energy and help us achieve our cooperative goal of a 20 percent reduction in system load by 2020.”

The Control4 Energy EMS-100 system will work in concert with Silver Spring smart meters and eMeter software, feeding vital information back to the utility and providing customers with up-to-the-minute information on outages, conservation events and price spikes. The Control4 system delivers energy usage data from various loads in the home, allowing homeowners to take action and manually turn off devices or program the system to do so during peak times and demand response.

The entry-level system is composed of the EC100 energy controller, a five-inch intuitive in-home touch screen device that supplies consumers with updates on energy usage and costs, tips for saving money on energy bills, power alerts from the utility, and information on various loads and activity within the home. The system also includes a programmable thermostat that communicates with the energy controller for heating and cooling control of homes and businesses.

In addition to energy management and control, the EMS-100 offers engaging lifestyle applications and features such as weather reports, traffic updates, stock quotes and podcasts. With the EMS-100, Bluebonnet members can be active participants in managing their energy usage and reducing their utility bills. From powering down lights to controlling shades, utility customers have access to additional ways to further reduce their energy costs.

“Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative is a progressive utility looking to maximize member satisfaction and encourage efficient energy use through its smart grid investments,” said Will West, CEO of Control4. “Control4 is proud to support this important initiative by providing user friendly home energy management and usage data to empower Bluebonnet members to become active in the utility’s progressive energy conservation programs.”