Boosting the bandwidth of ISM transceivers


XEMICS, a privately-owned fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Switzerland, will shortly introduce a faster version of its lowest power SoC for wireless applications. The XE88LC07A exploits the BitJockey™ to send data over high data rate ISM band transceivers at up to 156 kb/s with minimal CPU load. With its 5 MIPS sustained operation capability, the XE88LC07A core is able to interface to a CODEC, compress/decompress voice while sending or receiving data to or from a transceiver in pseudo full duplex mode. The BitJockey is to the ISM band transceivers what the UART is to line transceivers – it manages the serial to parallel and parallel to serial conversion, leaving the CPU core free for other tasks.

The XE88LC07A also includes a low power oscillator and can keep real-time information for less than 2 uA. It also has four low power comparators that can be enabled for only 1 extra uA.