BPL Global partners with BPLC Latin America


Keith Schaefer,
BPL Global
Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 18, 2008 – BPL Global™, Ltd., a smart grid technology company dedicated to the transformation of energy and information delivery, has entered into a partnership with BPLC Latin America, a telecommunications company that provides voice, television, video-on-demand and data over IP protocol using the existing electrical infrastructure to transmit the services. Through this partnership, BPLC Latin America will distribute BPL Global’s smart grid technology in Latin America, which will further accelerate BPL Global’s business in this region.

BPLC Latin America has numerous BPL projects under way, and the company recognizes the advantage of adding smart grid technology to all these projects to solve the mission-critical challenges of its customers – electric utilities.

“We are delighted to secure BPL Global’s smart grid solutions as they are worldwide leaders in the field. We have been asked by all of our customers to evaluate and select a smart grid solutions provider and have chosen BPL Global,” said Ivan Mc Allister, president of BPLC Latin America.

This partnership is an example of BPL Global’s strategy to work closely with innovative regional partners to accelerate adoption of our smart grid technologies worldwide.

Earlier this month BPL Global acquired Plan B Solutions, a provider of substation automation technology to electric utilities. Substation automation is a smart grid application on the supply side of the utility infrastructure. BPL Global recently acquired Serveron to gain access to critical transformer asset data in the substation, and Plan B Solutions provides substation automation systems that connect hundreds of points in the substation, including Serveron monitors, back to the utility operations center and engineering groups.

“Plan B Solutions provides a system bridge between the BPL Global and Serveron application areas. This is a strategic acquisition for BPL Global because the combination of all three technologies from each company has the potential to provide smart grid solutions across the utility enterprise from customer premises to generation,” said Keith Schaefer, CEO of BPL Global.