Breakthrough in residential metering technology

Steve McClure,
Vice President of
Marketing, Teridian
Irvine, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 1, 2007 – Teridian Semiconductor has released a breakthrough in residential metering technology with the introduction of the 71M6523 three-phase residential metering SOC. Three-phase residential metering is becoming increasingly common worldwide, particularly to address higher residential energy demand in developing economies. The single-chip 71M6523 delivers anti-tamper neutral current measurement accuracy of 0.4%, allowing the detection of smaller amounts of energy theft, and surpassing alternative solutions by a factor of two.

Teridian’s Single Converter Technology and innovative system-on-chip approach also eliminate the need to isolate individual phases using multiple regulators and isolation devices, speeding development time, improving meter reliability and performance and reducing overall system cost by as much as 40%.

"Until the introduction of Teridian’s 71M6523, meter manufacturers were forced into complex, less robust, less reliable meter designs cobbled together from many discrete components," said Steve McClure, Vice President of Marketing for Teridian. "Teridian’s renowned flexibility and worldwide metering application experience enables our customers to more quickly customize their products to meet varying utility requirements throughout the globe without costly hardware redesign."

With this solution, energy measurement accuracy is enhanced, MTBF is increased, and EMI susceptibility and power consumption are reduced. The 71M6523 also offers advanced power management and tamper detection features.